Ford’s brand new image will be unveiled at Beijing Auto Show

According to the official website of Ford Motor, Ford will renew its brand image at the 2020 Beijing International Auto Show, and will present to consumers conceptual art devices that predict Ford’s next generation design language, as well as a number of products and technologies that interpret Ford’s brand spirit of “pioneering innovation is endless”, so as to further demonstrate the brand commitment of “more Ford, more China”. < / P > < p > and Mustang Mach-e also appeared on the stage were Ford’s best-selling pioneer logo models, Ford F-150, legendary sports car, flagship SUV, the sixth generation explorer, suvescape, SUVs and fox. < / P > < p > visitors to the 2020 Beijing International Auto Show can also experience Ford’s intelligent technology integrating global experience and Chinese wisdom in the Ford automobile innovation technology experience area. The warm heart Technology launched by car owners – “more than 40000 car owners personally test better cars” sync + Zhixing infotainment system and “trustworthy old driver” co-pilot360tm intelligent driving assistance system will be presented to the audience through innovative and novel cross-border way, so that consumers can have a deeper understanding of Ford’s powerful “hard and solid” technology, standards and experience accumulated over a hundred years Power “and customer-oriented” warm technology “bring consumers a real safe, convenient and comfortable experience. < / P > < p > 2020 Beijing International Auto Show will be held from September 26 to October 5. Ford China will welcome the mass media and consumers in the W2 Pavilion of the new pavilion of China International Exhibition Center (Tianzhu), and experience the brand spirit of “endless pioneering innovation”.