Ford launches Bronco overland concept car

A few days ago, e-Car learned from Ford officials that in order to commemorate the biggest classic gathering in North America, Ford has released the Bronco overland concept car, which will be unveiled at this year’s Bronco super celebration in Tennessee. < / P > < p > the concept car is based on the new Bronco four door model, which will be displayed together with the new Bronco two door model and Bronco sport 4×4 model at the Bronco super celebration last year’s off-road event in Tennessee this year. < / P > < p > Bronco overland concept car is an all terrain camping car for outdoor enthusiasts, with Ford Bronco personalized modification and a number of professional outdoor accessories. Based on the new Bronco four door model desert series, the concept car adopts mysterious Area 51 (area 51) coating, equipped with top account, winch and all terrain tires, which can go deep into the wild and dangerous environment. < / P > < p > it adopts the high-performance off-road stable suspension system provided by bilstein brand, uses the 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine, matches the 7-speed manual transmission, uses 17 inch rims, and matches the 35 inch Broadway mud tire KM3. < / P > < p > the Bronco overland concept car adopts the winch provided by warn brand for Ford performance, which is installed on the modular steel bumper of Ford performance. The roof is equipped with Yakima brand heavy double tent, and the roof frame is equipped with 1×40 rigid rack mounted light strip and six additional rigid lights, which bring better lighting conditions around the body. A radio antenna is mounted on the rear bumper. < / P > < p > the luggage compartment is a small base camp with an ARB refrigerator, cooking utensils and stove installed inside. The fridge has a slide out tray for easy access, and the back baffle table and chair are part of the campsite. There is a storage net inside the rear window to provide additional storage space.