For production ID. 4 and ID.BUZZ Volkswagen speeds up investment in plant renovation and expansion

Volkswagen’s official website said that it is speeding up the automation transformation of Volkswagen’s Emden, Hanover and Chattanooga plants, speeding up the electrification transformation of Volkswagen’s passenger cars and commercial vehicles, and providing services for Volkswagen id.4 and Volkswagen ID.BUZZ Prepare for the production of the product. It is reported that Volkswagen has ordered more than 2200 robots for three factories to meet the production needs of new models. These robots will be responsible for the assembly of body and battery. It is expected that Volkswagen id.4 will be offline in Emden, Germany and Chattanooga, USA in 2022 ID.BUZZ It will be offline at Hanover plant in Germany in 2022. < / P > < p > according to previous public information, Volkswagen Group is expected to invest a total of 33 billion euros by 2024 to become a leader in the global electric vehicle market, and the above-mentioned three factories will receive billions of euros of investment.