Food hygiene and disease prevention tips: receive express cold chain food first disinfection

At present, during the period of normalization of epidemic prevention and control, whether eating at home, eating out or receiving express cold chain food, should have the health awareness of food safety and epidemic prevention. In November 4th, Li Han, deputy director of the science and technology center of Shenyang municipal health and health service center, reminded the public to build a food safety and defense line in their daily life. They should maintain good hygienic habits at home, and advocate a separate meal system for eating out. At the same time, when receiving express food, especially cold chain food, we should pay attention to do a good job of preventive disinfection of food express packaging. According to Li Han, the notice on printing and distributing technical guidelines for the prevention and control of new coronavirus in cold chain food issued by China pointed out the commonly used disinfectants and their use methods in the production and operation of cold chain food. Among them, the most commonly used disinfectant in daily life is alcohol disinfectant: the recommended alcohol content is 70% – 80%, and the alcohol containing hand disinfectant is more than 60%. The compound product can be prepared according to the product description Books. It is mainly used for hand and skin disinfection, small object surface disinfection. When disinfecting hands, spray evenly on hands or rub hands 1-2 times for 1 minute. When used to wipe the surface of the object, it can be wiped twice for 3 minutes. Attention should be paid to the fact that alcohol disinfectants are flammable and should be kept away from the fire source, and are not suitable for disinfection of large areas of objects.