Focus on core technology, focus on energy saving and new energy vehicles

A few days ago, we learned from the Shanghai stock exchange that 16 days after Geely Auto officially submitted its prospectus, Shanghai Stock Exchange disclosed the first round of inquiry on Geely Automobile’s technology innovation board listing. In this round of inquiry, the Shanghai Stock Exchange raised 27 questions, involving Geely Automobile’s ownership structure, basic information of directors and supervisors, core technology, issuer’s business, corporate governance and independence, etc Financial accounting information and management analysis and other six aspects, Geely also on the relevant issues were answered. From the reply, we can see that Geely Motor Co., Ltd. said that at present, its focus is on energy saving and emission reduction technology research and development, focusing on energy-saving and new energy vehicles. It will develop a full technical route including 48V light hybrid technology, oil electric hybrid technology, pure electric technology, fuel cell and methanol fuel. It is worth mentioning that Geely is currently developing the second generation HEV system, and the target fuel saving rate will reach 45%. < / P > < p > in terms of power batteries, Geely said that by establishing a joint venture with Ningde times and LG battery for the production of hard and soft pack batteries, Geely will improve the supply capacity of battery packs. At present, Geely has its own technology accumulation in powertrain and Internet of vehicles, including motor, lidar, vehicle road coordination, etc. In addition, Geely Automobile is also cooperating with Tsinghua University and other research centers for research and development. The R & D achievements of subsequent related projects will provide guidance and support for Geely’s technology research and product development in the future, and play an important role in Geely’s continuous scientific and technological innovation. In terms of production and manufacturing, Geely established the “Zhejiang digital design and manufacturing innovation center”, which realized digital twin technology and intelligent Internet of things operating system, and built three digital design and manufacturing basic platforms, including intelligent logistics platform based on large-scale customization, collaborative manufacturing platform of industrial Internet and big data platform of manufacturing industry. < p > < p > in the merger with Volvo, Geely Automobile has made a supplement. The management of the company is discussing with the management of Volvo the possibility of restructuring through business combination. If the restructuring is successfully completed, Volvo will become a subsidiary of Geely, which is undoubtedly more conducive to Geely’s future development.