Five dead and four wounded in attacks by Islamic state fighters in Iraq

Baghdad, January 23 Iraqi police said on January 23 that armed elements of the extremist organization “Islamic state” launched an attack in salahedin Province in northern Iraq that day, killing five people and injuring four. < / P > < p > Muhammad Bazi, a police official in Salah DIN Province, said in an interview with reporters that the “Islamic state” fighters attacked a sentry post of the Shiite militia “people’s mobilization organization” in the eastern part of the province that night, resulting in a fierce exchange of fire between the two sides, resulting in the death of five “people’s mobilization organization” personnel including one commander and four injured. After the reinforcement of the security forces arrived, “Islamic state” fighters fled the scene, the casualties are unknown. < / P > < p > in December 2017, Iraq announced its historic victory against the Islamic state, but there are still extremists waiting for an opportunity to launch attacks in Iraq. On June 21, Islamic state (ISIS) fighters made two attacks in the urban area of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, killing 32 people and injuring 110.