First round of indirect talks between Lebanon and Israel on maritime border

On October 14, Beirut, Lebanon and Israel held the first round of indirect negotiations on the delimitation of the maritime boundary between Lebanon and Israel at the headquarters of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon in nagura Town, southern Lebanon. The delegation of Lebanon is composed of four members, including officials of the air force and navy of Lebanon, personnel of the petroleum management department and experts on border issues. The Israeli delegation consists of six people, including officials from the Ministry of energy and foreign policy advisers to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. U.N. Special Coordinator in Lebanon kubish, U.S. Assistant Secretary of state in charge of Near East affairs Schenck and others participated in the negotiations. Lebanon’s official state news agency reported on the 14th that the first round of talks on the same day lasted about an hour, and both sides agreed to continue negotiations on October 28. On the 13th, President ORN of Lebanon stressed that this is a “technical negotiation”, which is limited to the delimitation of maritime boundaries. Lebanon said in the statement that the demarcation negotiations do not mean normalization of relations between Lebanon and Israel and recognition of the state of Israel. Israel and Lebanon have not established diplomatic relations. Both countries insist that an area of about 860 square kilometers of the Mediterranean Sea belongs to their own exclusive economic zone. In recent years, exploration has found that the disputed sea area is rich in natural gas resources.