Father son village doctor’s helping the poor relay

Dachangshu, Zhibian, Huantiao Wang LiNbO took out the silver needle, skillfully inserted it according to the acupoints and twisted it. Recently, in the xiaomaquan community clinic in Liuyuankou Township, Kaifeng City, Henan Province, Zhu Fengxian, lying on the diagnosis and treatment bed, felt relaxed. Zhu Fengxian is a poor family. Recently, due to overwork, she accidentally flashed her waist. She came to the village clinic and asked Wang LiNbO to give him acupuncture. About two hours later, the diagnosis and treatment was completed. Wang LiNbO said, “I’m free of charge for poor families here.” < p > < p > “announcement: those who hold the certificates of five guarantees and poor households in Henan Province will be treated free of charge. Xiaomaquan village clinic in Liuyuankou township. ” Since 2006, such a notice has been hanging in the pony circle community clinic. Wang Xuezhi used to be a farmer in xiaomaquan village. He returned to the village after finishing school in the suburb of Kaifeng in 1975. Wang Xuezhi, who grew up in the countryside, knows that it is not easy for farmers to earn money. Therefore, when practicing medicine, he should prescribe less medicine and give less injections, so as to save expenses for patients as much as possible. In recent years, Wang Xuezhi has maintained “free diagnosis and treatment” with his meager income. More than 30 households with five guarantees and poor families in xiaomaquan community and nearby villages get free diagnosis and treatment here. Wang Xuezhi was deeply loved by the villagers because of his noble medical ethics and excellent medical skills. In 1998, he was named “national excellent rural doctor”. “I am a farmer. I know the farmer best.” Wang Xuezhi said that every time he saw the villagers worried about the expenses, he felt worried. Small clinic, limited capacity, how many people can help? He felt that the most important thing was to make the farmers rich. There are 378 households and 1357 people in xiaomaquan community, including 76 households and 250 poor households. Wang Xuezhi decided to take part in the work of the “two committees” of the village to make more villagers rich. In 2018, he was appointed secretary of the Xiaoma circle community party branch. Wang LiNbO, the eldest son, studied medicine and worked in the city after graduating from Kaifeng health school. Wang Xuezhi did his work over and over again. In the end, Wang LiNbO couldn’t resist his father and promised to return to the village to “catch the baton”. Wang LiNbO still clearly remembers the scene of that day. His father pulled him to the bulletin board hanging in the hall, told him about poverty alleviation and medical ethics, and asked him to inherit the cause of “free diagnosis and treatment”. Wang LiNbO agreed. In the post of secretary of the community party branch, Wang Xuezhi has made great achievements. He raised funds from various sources, built 23 greenhouses for the community and arranged employment for poor households. “Helping people out of poverty feels like treating patients. It’s just as happy to see the masses out of poverty as they feel when the patients are well! ” Wang Xuezhi said.