Fair treatment of medical insurance payment online and offline

in November 2nd, the national health insurance agency announced the guidance on actively promoting the “Internet plus” medical insurance payment. The opinions clearly stated that the insured person should pay the fees for the re visit of the “Internet plus” medical service designated medical institutions and the prescription fees and drugs fees prescribed by the insured in accordance with the overall medical insurance regulations. Among them, the expenses borne by the individual can be paid by the employee’s medical insurance personal account according to the regulations. The cost of drug distribution service is not included in the scope of medical insurance payment. All localities can start with the slow onset of out-patient clinic and gradually expand the scope of medical insurance payment for the Internet plus medical services for common diseases and chronic diseases. < p > < p > < p > < p > it is clear in the opinion that fair medical insurance payment policy should be implemented for online and offline medical services. For the new Internet plus medical services price items declared by medical institutions, we should speed up the acceptance audit and scientifically define the name of the project, the contents of the service, the unit of valuation and the way of charging. The designated medical institutions provide the “Internet plus” medical revisit service that meets the prescribed regulations, and charge and pay according to the price of general outpatient clinics in public hospitals. The drug expenses incurred shall be paid according to the payment standards and policies stipulated by the offline medical insurance.

‘s opinion put forward the support of Internet plus medical transfer. Exploring the Internet plus the prescription retail drugstores interconnected with the designated medical institutions, the conditional co-ordination areas can rely on the national unified medical insurance information platform to accelerate the application of the relevant functional modules of the outpatient purchase prescription transfer so as to facilitate the flow of the “Internet +” medical service re visit prescription. To explore and carry out the mutual recognition of relevant functional modules for the circulation of purchased prescriptions among regions, so as to realize the goal of “more information and prescriptions, and less errands for patients”.