Exploring the sky, exploring the sea and hunting the sea and air

Haikou, October 19: exploring the sky, exploring the sea and hunting the sea and the air — a division of Naval Aviation in the southern theater accelerated the transformation and improved the fighting effectiveness of new quality < / P > < p > at a military airport in Hainan, the sky was covered with low clouds, the vertical visibility was less than 80m, the horizontal visibility was less than 1km, and even the signal lights on both sides of the runway were difficult to distinguish. < / P > < p > adjust the inspection system, release the flaps according to the speed, establish the landing state, gently lower the front wheel, release the limit Two people calm disposal, the whole process according to the instrument operation, clean and beautiful action. The aircraft completed the landing under bad weather conditions, leaving the runway and sliding to the stand. < / P > < p > “over the past three years since its establishment, we have always kept in mind President Xi’s instructions, continuously improved the personnel training and construction of new quality combat forces, and continuously increased the combat capability.” Liu Zhihua, head of a regiment of a division of Naval Aviation in the southern theater said. On the morning of April 12, 2018, a military parade was held in the South China Sea. Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, President and President, reviewed the troops and delivered an important speech. < / P > < p > when yes, Liu Zhihua piloted a new type of anti submarine patrol aircraft, and formed the first fixed wing anti submarine aircraft formation with the other two fighters. It passed the inspection ship in the same meter seconds, and the three aircraft formation spacing was not more than 50 meters. < p > < p > in 2019, a Naval Aviation Division of Liu Zhihua, as a new type of sea and air information combat force of our army, formed an air formation, which was reviewed continuously in Qingdao and Beijing. < p > < p > in less than two years, he was reviewed by President Xi three times, which strengthened the firm belief of the whole division officers and soldiers to focus on their main responsibility and main business and guard the sea and sky, and the educational practice activities of “bearing in mind the instructions of leaders and building a strong navy” are also in full swing. This is a newly formed naval aviation force. Acting division commander Chen Gang witnessed the whole process of the army from scratch: “at the beginning of the formation of the force, there were few platforms and many difficulties, and often faced with the embarrassing situation that no one could fly.” Under normal circumstances, it will take more than a year for a newly graduated pilot to be qualified for combat. This new fighting force can’t wait so long. Therefore, they should speed up the personnel training and construction of new quality combat forces, shorten the combat effectiveness generation cycle, and promote the development of China’s aviation antisubmarine cause. With no teaching materials and no experience, this division can only “build, refit, train and perform tasks” while focusing on the construction of new quality combat force system. < / P > < p > according to the method of “selecting and transferring troops with the same aircraft type, replacing units with similar aircraft types, and supplementing similar professional units”, the division Party committee tried to select pilots from the bomber forces for refitting. A group of super class and first-class bombers who had flown for thousands of hours became the “leading geese” in the construction of new quality combat forces, from flying alone to flying alone, from day to night, from the field to the outside Field, from basic training to tactical training, it took only a few months to successfully complete the task of special aircraft modification, and the development path of independent training of a refitting mode is gradually clear. < p > < p > the officers and men of a Naval Aviation Division in the southern theater conducted a tactical discussion together. Send < / P > < p > the officers and soldiers of a division of Naval Aviation in the southern theater inspected and maintained the propeller cap of the fighter plane. Hair < / P > < p > is not enough! Talent is still not enough! The division Party committee, based on its own potential, broadens the source of talents according to the path of “rapid refitting of special aircraft, cross refitting of multiple aircraft types, and selective refitting of similar specialties”; through increasing the intensity of sending students to study and regular exchange of posts, the division Party committee organized the combat service personnel to study in Colleges and universities, command posts at all levels, Guantong radar stations and naval ships, so as to improve the pertinence of personnel training. < p > < p > a group of grass-roots officers and non commissioned officers have made outstanding achievements in the aspects of drills and tactics research. Sergeant Li Yuhang has participated in the preparation of the training manual for a certain type of antisubmarine patrol aircraft and the training outline for a certain type of antisubmarine patrol aircraft. After Liu Shoushan, the leader of the squadron, changed from the original major to a new major, he made important achievements in the research on the new tactics of anti submarine warfare through the cross learning of multiple posts. Behind these achievements is the arduous efforts of the army to train troops and prepare for war. On the wall of the pilot simulation training room is hung the 2020 annual training plan, which details the progress of the flight plan. The total flight time of most pilots’ annual plan is nearly completed, and some of them are even over fulfilled. < / P > < p > in the last two years, thousands of sorties have been trained in cooperation with fighter and bomber forces alone. And the amount of this task is still increasing year by year. < / P > < p > using troops in the whole area, being on standby all the time, and continuous rotation is normal. “We have no actual combat, only actual combat.” Chen kuiyue, a political commissar of the division, said that the whole division worked day and night in accordance with the ability goal of “flying well, seeing clearly, judging accurately, and transmitting quickly”. Looking at the flashing targets on the display screen, Chen Gang vowed to “accelerate the development of new quality combat forces, and strive to enhance the ability and level of carrying out diversified military tasks.”