Experts and scholars from many countries focus on SCO cooperation and look forward to the development prospect of “post epidemic situation”

On August 12, at a video seminar with the theme of “new epidemic situation and new agenda, new measures and new direction of non-governmental diplomacy of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization” on August 11, Nursultan from SCO member states, observer states and other experts and scholars focused on topics such as digital economy, regional security and non-governmental exchanges, and looked forward to the development prospects of SCO in various fields. < / P > < p > Igor Denisov, senior researcher of East Asia and SCO research center of Moscow Institute of international relations, said at the meeting that the new epidemic has put forward new demands for digital technology. SCO member states should strengthen cooperation in the digital field and jointly build public digital products such as distance education platforms. < / P > < p > Nandan unikrishinan, former vice chairman of the observer research foundation of India, said that SCO is a successful attempt to promote regional cooperation. In order to further promote regional cooperation, the most important thing is to realize the interconnection between people. In this regard, non-governmental diplomacy will play an important role. < p > < p > Yang Cheng, Professor of Shanghai Foreign Studies University and executive director of Shanghai Institute of global governance and regional studies, pointed out that the international and regional situation after the outbreak of the new crown disease shows that the world has become “faster”, more “intelligent”, more “deeper” and more “uncertain” with the development of new technologies such as artificial intelligence. This poses new challenges to the cooperation under the SCO framework, and all parties need to actively explore new ways of cooperation. < / P > < p > mugel Sahakian, director of the Armenian China Eurasia strategic research center, said that in the context of the global epidemic crisis and drastic changes in the economic situation, SCO has provided an important platform and opportunity to jointly explore and solve international problems, which helps all parties to enhance understanding and strengthen cooperation. < p > < p > sun Zhuangzhi, director of the Russian Institute of Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, believes that in the post epidemic era, global governance will face more challenges, the process of globalization and regionalization will be hindered, and some world-wide multilateral organizations such as who will face more difficulties. Many of the SCO’s cooperation goes beyond the scope of the region, which is of exemplary significance and will make greater contributions to improving global governance in the post epidemic era.