Every 30 minutes, South Korea will develop a small satellite cluster to monitor North Korea

South Korea is developing a plan to develop ultra small satellites to better monitor North Korea, according to the associated press on August 5, a state-owned defense research agency said. According to the South Korean defense development agency, these small satellites have SAR technology and are expected to enable South Korea to monitor its military activities almost in real time. It is reported that if 32 such small satellites are used at the same time, the military can detect North Korea every 30 minutes, day and night, regardless of weather. It is reported that the national defense development bureau announced a series of research projects to the media on the eve of its 50th anniversary on August 3, 150 km southwest of Seoul, and one of them is the defense system testing center in Tai’an. With unmanned submarines, the South Korean military can collect information near the Korean maritime border without sending manned ships to such high-risk areas, the agency said.