Evaluation standards for secondary specialized hospitals issued in Henan Province

Recently, Henan Provincial Health Commission took the lead in issuing the “implementation rules for the evaluation standards of secondary specialized hospitals” in China, aiming to establish and improve the evaluation system of secondary specialized hospitals. < / P > < p > in order to promote the secondary specialized hospitals to strengthen their own construction and management, and continuously improve the connotation, on the basis of the national “Interim Measures for hospital evaluation”, “detailed rules for the implementation of the evaluation standards of secondary general hospitals” and “hospital evaluation methods of Henan Province”, Henan Health Commission organized medical management, nursing management, pharmacy management, infection prevention and control management, and medical laboratory management Experts in clinical blood management, medical imaging management, pathology management and financial price management have revised more than 20 times in half a year, and compiled detailed rules for the implementation of evaluation standards applicable to secondary specialized hospitals in Henan Province. < / P > < p > the “implementation rules” comprehensively and systematically formulated the evaluation criteria, evaluation points and monitoring indicators of secondary specialized hospitals from seven aspects: hospital functions and tasks, hospital services, patient safety, hospital quality and safety management and continuous improvement, nursing management and continuous improvement, hospital management and hospital management statistical indicators. There are seven chapters, 79 sections, 307 articles and 502 items in total, of which the core is the evaluation criteria Article 36.