EU’s additional aid to Lebanon of more than 33 million euro on the big bang

China News Agency Brussels on August 6, following the launch of the civil defense mechanism to assist Lebanon on August 6, the European Union announced on the 6th that it would provide more than 33 million euros in aid to Lebanon to help Lebanon tide over its difficulties. According to the announcement issued by the European Commission on the same day, European Commission President von der lain and Prime Minister diab of Lebanon connected a power line of 10000 euro in the morning of local time, which will be used for local medical assistance and protection of key infrastructure. < p > < p > the announcement refers to the package of aid, including a contract worth 8 million euro signed by both sides on June 6, according to which the EU will help the Lebanon Red Cross improve the level of emergency medical assistance and expand the coverage of pre hospital medical first aid and blood transfusion services. In addition, through the EU civil defense mechanism, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, France, Norway and other countries have provided 600 sets of chemical protective clothing, 5 tons of medical equipment and 80 sets of surgical instrument sets to Lebanon through the EU civil defense mechanism, and Cyprus, which is a member of the EU, also provides assistance to Lebanon. The announcement quoted von der lain as saying that at present, the unity and stability of Lebanon are becoming more and more important to the region. The EU attaches great importance to this and calls on all political forces in Lebanon to unite at this “tragic moment” to jointly cope with many challenges facing the country.