European Center for Disease Control and prevention: easing epidemic prevention measures leads to rebound of epidemic situation in some European countries

The latest risk assessment report released by the European Center for disease prevention and control on August 11 in Berlin by China News Agency said that the new epidemic still poses a major public health threat to the EU / EEA countries, the UK and other countries in the world. The report points out that although many European countries have begun to detect mild and asymptomatic patients, which has also led to an increase in the number of confirmed cases, some countries’ anti epidemic measures such as relaxing interpersonal distance have indeed caused a rebound in the epidemic situation. < / P > < p > the European Centre for Disease Control and prevention in Stockholm, Sweden, is a specialized agency responsible for the prevention and control of infectious diseases in the European Union. Since novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak has been released, it has continued to publish the risk assessment report. From December 31, 2019 to August 2, 2020, 17841669 confirmed cases and 685281 deaths have been reported worldwide, according to the European Center for Disease Control and prevention. A total of 1733550 confirmed cases and 182639 deaths were reported in EU / EEA countries and the UK, accounting for 10% and 27% of the total number of confirmed cases and deaths respectively. < / P > < p > chief scientist of the European Center for Disease Control and prevention Michael ketchbo said on the same day that the number of reported cases in Europe this summer decreased after the earlier peak, but it has risen again recently. He said that although the increase in the number of tests was related to some reported confirmed cases, the overall situation should still be monitored and evaluated. < / P > < p > Michael cage said that the European Center for Disease Control and prevention maintains its previous judgment of risk, that is, “in countries where appropriate interpersonal distance and disinfection measures have been implemented and sufficient close contacts have been tracked and tested, the risk of further deterioration of the epidemic situation is’ medium ‘; in countries where the above measures have not been implemented or enforced, the risk is’ very high’ High. ” < / P > < p > he also reminded that as the epidemic continues, people’s compliance with public health measures may decline, which is worrying. To this end, countries should continue to convey information to remind the public that the virus is still spreading in the community, and to remind what daily measures can be taken to reduce the potential risk of infection.