Ethiopia’s prime minister says Tigre’s military operation is over

Ethiopia’s prime minister Abby Ahmed said on the 28th that the military operation of the Ethiopian national defense forces in Tigray state in the North has ended and it has taken control of the capital of the state, Merkel city. < p > < p > Abby issued a statement earlier in the day: “the federal government is now in full control of Merkel.” Police are searching for the “Tigray people’s Liberation Front” criminals and will take them to court. < / P > < p > Merkley is the headquarters of tihrf, a political party in Tigre. Abby said that the national defense forces controlled the airport, regional government buildings and other important facilities and released thousands of members of the national defense forces who were imprisoned when the armed personnel of the “tihrf” attacked the local military base at the beginning of this month. < / P > < p > in the early morning of November 4, the armed personnel of the “tihrf” attacked the National Defense Forces Base in Tigray state and seized military weapons and equipment. ABI issued a statement on the evening of the 22nd, calling for the surrender of the “TRF” and its armed personnel within three days, while the “TRF” said it would fight to the end. < / P > < p > on the day ABI announced the end of the military operation in Tigre, the leader of the “tirade” debrazion gebremichaels told Reuters by text message that “tirade” is now withdrawing from around Merkel, but has not given up confrontation. < p > < p > Reuters reported from two diplomats, which did not rule out the possibility that the “tijen front” would adopt guerrilla tactics in the future. Micro feature