Establishing a green channel for the elderly in Anhui Province

A few days ago, Anhui Provincial Health Commission issued the “notice on effectively doing a good job of convenient medical services for the elderly”, which clearly put forward that all kinds of medical institutions at all levels should immediately establish a green channel to facilitate the elderly patients to register for treatment. According to novel coronavirus pneumonia, the

level two and above medical institutions do not usually check health codes when elderly patients are seeking medical treatment. For the novel coronavirus pneumonia mobile phone epidemic prevention and control work, it is necessary to establish health entrance code for elderly patients. Medical institutions should set up access channels for elderly patients at the entrance, and provide sufficient numbers of staff, volunteers, social workers and other personnel to assist in the investigation. The waiting time of the patients outside the hospital area was 1 year to ensure that the elderly patients could see a doctor smoothly. < p > < p > the notice clearly states that all kinds of medical institutions at all levels should establish a green channel to facilitate the registration of elderly patients as soon as possible, and unblock the channels for family members, relatives and friends, family doctors to make appointment for elderly patients. Second level and above medical institutions should provide a certain proportion of on-site registration sources, retain the registration, payment, printing inspection report and other manual service windows; further expand the number of family doctor appointment sources, facilitate the elderly patients to make appointment and registration nearby, and provide the elderly patients with priority reception, examination and hospitalization services. We should encourage qualified medical institutions and pension institutions to establish a cooperative relationship between them, or open a green channel for appointment.