Equipped with 1.5L hybrid system, Dongfeng Honda heyurui · hybrid will be officially launched on September 20

Recently, we learned from relevant channels that Rui hybrid will be officially launched on September 20. As a new Honda hybrid family model, the new car will greatly improve the fuel economy and other aspects. In terms of exterior interior decoration, the hybrid model of sharing area is basically consistent with the fuel version. The hybrid logo added at the wing and below the tail shows the identity of the hybrid vehicle. The interior decoration also basically follows the design of the fuel version. The central control large screen improves the technology sense of the whole vehicle to a certain extent. The biggest change is that the shift mechanism becomes the fuel version Key design. In terms of power, the vehicle will be equipped with 1.5L hybrid system, including 109 horsepower of engine, 134nm maximum torque and 154 HP of comprehensive power of the system. The transmission system matches with E-CVT transmission.