Enthusiasm is not reduced! Over 70% of Korean consumers are still boycotting Japanese products

According to a survey of consumer behavior in August released by South Korea’s advertising agency Zhenxing commune on August 16, it has been more than a year since the boycott of Japanese goods started last year, but 75% of consumers said they are still boycotting Japanese products. In terms of gender, 78% of female consumers and 72% of male consumers indicated that they would continue to participate in the boycott campaign. From the perspective of age group, the proportion of people in their 50s who resist Japanese products is the highest, while that of people in their 20s is the lowest. Married people are more active than unmarried people, and housewives have the highest participation rate. < / P > < p > 70% of the consumers answered the question of whether they would like to continue to participate in the future. After participating in the boycott, 56% said they would give up the consumption of Japanese fashion, 43% of them would give up alcohol consumption, 37% would give up the consumption of daily necessities, and 36% and 34% would give up the consumption of food, drink and cosmetics. For the question of how long the boycott of Japanese goods would last for more than two years, 53% of them answered the question. 58% of consumers said that taking the opportunity of boycotting Japanese products, they turned their attention to Korean enterprises and actively purchased Korean made substitutes, mainly including beer, stationery, casual fashion and cosmetics.