Energy saving and environment friendly Tesla Model s used batteries for passenger ships

Recently, overseas media reported that the old batteries recovered from the ship will be used on the passenger ship Sylvia, which belongs to the Swedish eco sightseing company. The single cruise time of the ship can reach 14 hours. This method also has better environmental protection and energy saving properties. < / P > < p > this passenger ship, Sylvia, belongs to eco sightseing company in Sweden. It is mainly for tourists to take a boat tour. It uses the old batteries recovered from the ship as the power source, and this is also the first product to use Tesla batteries for the second time. < / P > < p > the ship is equipped with a 190kwh battery pack, which can power an 85KW motor, and the cruise time of a single charge is about 14 hours. The Swedish company said the batteries were housed in a specially designed waterproof and airtight aluminum container under the captain’s chair. Eco sightseing does not say when Sylvia will start carrying passengers, but it can carry about 49 passengers.