Encourage general hospitals to undertake pre marital and pre pregnancy health care services

Recently, the National Health Commission issued the notice on promoting premarital health care work as a whole, encouraging qualified general hospitals to undertake premarital health care services, improving the premarital health care service network with diversified supply and efficient operation, and exploring the establishment of premarital perinatal health care service mode. < / P > < p > as a supporting document of the notice on strengthening premarital health care jointly issued by the National Health Commission and other five departments in May 2020, the notice pointed out that premarital and pre pregnancy health care service professionals should be included in the training program of birth defect prevention and control personnel, training plans should be formulated, and teaching staff should be set up. We will further tighten and optimize the examination and approval of personnel and institutions, and strengthen daily supervision and industry management. Optimize the layout and service process of premarital medical examination sites, and actively promote the one-stop service of marriage registration, premarital medical examination, marriage and family counseling and eugenics counseling. All localities are encouraged to promote free premarital medical examination and inclusive policy by including public health service items and other means. The notice points out that it is necessary to integrate the information system of pre pregnancy eugenics health examination project, simplify report submission and strengthen information management. The provincial pre pregnancy and eugenics data sub center is encouraged to play an active role in bringing the pre pregnancy and eugenics health examination project and its information management into the construction plan of maternal and child health information platform. All localities should speed up the implementation of electronic management of pre marital and pre pregnancy health care service materials and files according to the actual situation and relevant specifications.