Emergency response to 1000 tons fuel oil leakage caused by grounding of Japanese cargo ship

Johannesburg, August 10, Port Louis news: Mauritian Prime Minister jagnath held a press conference on the 9th to announce that 530 tons of fuel oil has been extracted from the ruptured oil depot of a cargo ship stranded in the southeastern Maoist sea. At present, the fuel oil leakage has stopped, but there are still about 2500 tons of fuel oil on the cargo ship, and the hull has the risk of further rupture. Jagnatt said that a committee has been set up in Mauritius to deal with the fuel leak, and the committee will follow up the situation on the spot and the operation process. On July 25, the cargo ship “ruochao”, a Japanese company, ran aground while passing through the southeast waters of Mauritius, carrying about 4000 tons of fuel oil. On August 6, the hull of the cargo ship cracked, causing a large amount of fuel leakage. On the evening of the 7th, the Maoist government declared that the country had entered a “state of environmental emergency”. Satellite images show that a piece of dark oil is spreading around the ecologically “very sensitive” marine reserve. It is estimated that about 1000 tons of fuel oil has leaked to nearby waters.