Eight new crown patients died in a hospital fire in Gujarat, India

China News Agency, Kathmandu, August 6, New Delhi: a fire broke out in a hospital dedicated to the treatment of new crown patients in Ahmedabad City, Gujarat State, India, on August 6, killing 8 new crown patients in the intensive care unit. According to India today, five of the eight dead were men. They were all previously infected with the new coronavirus and were treated in the intensive care unit. The hospital, called sherry, is located in the navaranpura area of Ahmedabad, the Hindustan Times reported. After the fire, rescue workers have rescued another 40 new crown patients and transferred them to a public hospital in the city. In an article on his social media account, Indian Prime Minister modi said in an article on his social media account that I feel sorry for the tragic fire, express my sympathy to the families of the dead and wish the injured a speedy recovery. Modi said he had communicated with the chief minister of Gujarat and other officials to ensure that assistance was provided to those affected by the fire as much as possible. The prime minister’s office issued a notice on the same day that the prime minister’s state relief fund would allocate 200000 rupees to each family of the deceased and 50000 rupees to each injured person.