Egyptian President’s health adviser: Egypt’s new crown may rebound in winter

novel coronavirus pneumonia, Egypt’s president Mohamed Tagudin, estimated that the number of new crown pneumonia infections in Egypt will increase in winter, the

reported in August 22nd. “The increase may occur in the winter months of October, November and December, as the spread of seasonal influenza may cross over with the new coronavirus,” tajiding said “The first wave of the epidemic in Egypt is not over yet, and there are still many existing cases under treatment,” tajidin said in an interview with television on Saturday. It’s too early to talk about the second wave. We should focus on fighting the current epidemic rather than waiting for the second wave to arrive. ” Tajiding stressed that the current epidemic prevention measures must be continued to deal with the new epidemic situation. It is the responsibility of the state to continue to take precise epidemic prevention measures, so that preventive measures will become a benign social behavior in the future until March next year. ”