During the epidemic period, the Philippines witnessed the rise of “exchanging household goods for food”

[Global Times comprehensive report] the new crown outbreak has caused millions of Filipinos to lose their jobs. Many people are forced to “fill barter” with the oldest method to fill their stomachs. According to Agence France Presse on the 2nd, the online shopping data analysis website iprice group recently found that “exchange for food” has become a hot online search term in the Philippines since the outbreak of the epidemic. In April and may, the search volume increased by 300%. Iprice group also analyzed 85 popular “barter” social groups in the Philippines, and found that the total number of users is more than 2 million. People do not hesitate to exchange household appliances, toys or even brand-name bags for food. For example, a pair of shoes can be exchanged for a whole pickled chicken, and a garment can be exchanged for several kilograms of rice. < / P > < p > according to a recent survey by the Philippine polling agency social weather station, about 5.2 million Filipino families have experienced starvation at least once in the past three months, setting a record for nearly six years.