During the “double festival”, the army held a number of romantic military camp group weddings

During the national day and the Mid Autumn Festival in Beijing on October 9, a group wedding ceremony was held in various army units. A couple of newlyweds married in the blessing of comrades in arms and relatives. < / P > < p > 19 new couples of a land aviation brigade of the 71st group army held hands. Their wedding dresses were white and their military uniforms were straight. Romance and loyalty converged and blended. In order to love, they overcome all kinds of difficulties and come together in the situation of gathering less and leaving more. A special part of the wedding was specially arranged: the newlyweds came to their daily training armed helicopter by the water gate sprayed by the fire truck, and took a collective oath in front of the warhawks who lived together day and night. < / P > < p > “I’m very proud that our company held a collective wedding for us on the occasion of our country’s 71st birthday. As a pilot, I insist on hard training on the ground and fine flying in the air, and become the backbone of the flight as soon as possible! ” Holding his beautiful wife in hand, pilot Xu Fatong said. < p > < p > at the foot of Qifeng mountain and on the Bank of Acacia River, 30 pairs of new recruits of a synthetic brigade of the 75th group army fell in love with the blessing of officers and soldiers, relatives and friends. Together with thousands of officers and soldiers, they participated in the flag raising ceremony to cultivate their national feelings and wish the great motherland prosperity. < / P > < p > 30 chariots lined up in order, and the green military uniform and white wedding dress are particularly beautiful in the green mountains and waters. 30 couples of new people ride in chariots to break through the “blockade” and cross the smoke screen Under the wish wall, a pair of signatures and a pair of red fingerprints witness their stormy journey and leave their love imprint. A bride’s mother said: “the army is so attentive, attentive, considerate and warm-hearted. I can rest assured that my daughter is handed over to the soldiers.” < p > < p > at the first collective wedding of an air defense brigade of the 75th group army, 29 couples joined hands to enter the marriage hall. With the warm and romantic music melody, the bridegroom and the bride walk through the arch of happiness and walk slowly to the ceremony platform. The sound of “I love you” reverberates around the scene, and the words “I want” are persistent and firm. < / P > < p > < p > during the “double festival”, a brigade of the 83rd group army held the third collective wedding, and 12 couples boarded the missile chariot to feel the bright moment prepared for them by the military camp. The men in the army are chivalrous and tender hearted. After nine years in the army and four years in love, we have always been together After a long run of love, she finally entered the palace of marriage. The Missile Battalion Sergeant Yang Zhi wept when he said “I will” when he saw the bride coming from his hometown. < / P > < p > a letter from home, explaining the feelings of home country. Zhang Meng, a soldier who delayed his marriage for three times, wrote an affectionate confession letter with guilt for his wife. The words from the bottom of my heart are full of the hardships of soldiers and the perseverance of the bride. < / P > < p > on the island, in the second collective wedding ceremony of a coastal defense brigade of the eastern theater army, 21 couples of newlyweds took the sea as the evidence and the reefs as the media, and made a permanent union in the name of love. New people take a special “wedding car” – Haiphong boat, accompanied by the sweet “Wedding March”, 21 couples walk through the red carpet and embark on the road of happiness. Against the backdrop of flowers and green leaves, they solemnly vowed and signed the “love promise”. Visiting the island and stepping on the battlefield, the beautiful moment is fixed by time, forming the most poetic picture of the thousands of miles of the sea.