Don’t you get angry with the herdsman? Ford Bronco won’t launch V8

Jeff seaman, the global project manager, and Eric Loeffler, chief engineer of bronco, said in an interview recently that the bronco of V8 power would not be launched, and gave an explanation. So far, the rumor about Bronco V8 version has basically come to an end. < p > < p > a classic car line recently revived by Ford is positioned as a hardline off-road vehicle. It has launched a number of models and body kits to create a wild and uninhibited off-road lifestyle. Competitors pointed to one of the representative models of the off-road vehicle industry. Almost at the same time of Bronco’s release, Jeep also released the concept vehicle Rubicon 392 V8, and announced that it would mass produce Rubicon with V8 power, so as to respond to Bronco’s challenge and consolidate its image and position. < / P > < p > just after the new car was released, it was “smashed” by competitors. Therefore, there are many rumors that Bronco will launch V8 engine in the future. As a Ford brand, it is not difficult to insert the V8 of F-150 into bronco. In this regard, Eric Loeffler, chief engineer of bronco, said in an interview that “we must strictly control Bronco’s carbon dioxide emissions. The regulations are very strict on the carbon dioxide emission requirements of off-road vehicle products. ” < / P > < p > he added that the main considerations for off-road vehicle customers are horsepower and torque, and Bronco’s 2.7-litre EcoBoost V6 engine can meet the demand in terms of performance and fuel economy. Then in providing V8 engine, there is no other significance except for the emission penalty. On the other hand, Jeff seaman, Ford’s global project manager, is very confident about the performance of the EcoBoost V6 engine, saying that it can meet the needs of future car owners, so that they do not want a larger engine. < / P > < p > of course, there will still be V8 loaded engines in the future. As the United States has the most developed automotive aftermarket in the world and the top refitting market, such as Hennessy and other refitting institutions, it may be inspired to launch a hard core Bronco with V8 engine transplantation.