Don’t be cruel! Chief consultant of vaccine in the United States: if there is political interference, I will resign immediately

Munseff slavey, the chief scientific adviser on vaccine research and development of the US government, dropped his harsh words in an interview recently, saying that he would resign immediately if there was political interference in the process of vaccine research and development, the Washington Post reported on the 3rd. < / P > < p > the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed earlier that all States in the United States have been asked to prepare for the distribution of the vaccine in late October or early November. The date is likely to be just two days before the start of the US presidential election. In an interview with science, slavey stressed that there was absolutely no political interference. “If there is any improper interference in the process, I will resign immediately.” < / P > < p > in addition, in an interview with NPR, slavey revealed that it is “possible, but very unlikely” to distribute the new vaccine at the end of October or early November. “It is very unlikely that the ongoing tests will be completed before the end of October, and if the conditions for emergency authorized use are met, approval may be obtained. I think the possibility is very low, but it’s not impossible, so be prepared just in case. ” < / P > < p > US media said that the federal government’s request for states to be ready to distribute vaccines in early November raised concerns, but slavi insisted that there were no political factors in the process of vaccine development and production. “Every day we can be faster, we’re trying to be faster. For us, it has absolutely nothing to do with politics. Many of us may or may not support the current government. ” < / P > < p > slavey believes that the guidance of the CDC is about being prepared, and not being prepared is irresponsible. He believes the vaccine will be available by the end of 2020, enough to vaccinate 20 to 25 million people. Then, the pace of vaccine dose production will accelerate and all Americans will be vaccinated by the middle of 2021. < / P > < p > a number of health experts in the United States have previously expressed concern that the vaccine may be released prematurely due to some “political pressure”. Francis Collins, President of the National Institutes of health, said it was “unlikely” that the new coronavirus vaccine would be ready in October. Michael ostrholm, an American infectious disease expert, reminds us that although everyone expects a safe and effective vaccine, the experimental data must be clear and convincing.