Donald Trump, Jr.: Trump’s economic policy is like rocket fuel

Beijing News News on the evening of August 24 local time, the Republican National Congress of the United States opened. On the same day, U.S. President trump was officially nominated as the Republican Party’s presidential candidate in 2020. He will partner vice president burns against candidates Biden and Harris in the November election. According to the list of speeches previously disclosed by US media, several adult children of trump will attend and speak at the conference, while he plans to attend every day. In the evening of the 24th, Donald Trump, the eldest son of trump, delivered a speech. According to NBC, little Donald compared his father with Biden, saying that his father had done a lot in his first few years in office, but Biden had been in a “swamp” for the past half century. < / P > < p > “Joe Biden’s entire economic platform seems to be designed to oppress the people. He backed the worst trade agreement in history, and he backed the NAFTA nightmare. He promoted the TPP. Production jobs are gone. ” Said little Donald. He also accused Biden of wanting more illegal immigrants to enter the United States “to take away jobs for American citizens”, saying Biden’s policy of opening the border will lead to a further decline in the wages of the American people. After criticizing Biden, he began to list Trump’s “achievements.”. “After eight years of low growth for Obama and Biden, Trump’s policies are like rocket fuel for the economy, especially for the middle class.” “so if you’re looking for hope, look at the man who has done what the failed Obama Biden administration never did and built the great economy our country has never seen before, and President trump will do it again.” 。 In addition to Donald Jr., his girlfriend Kimberly gilfoyer also made a speech on the same day. She criticized Biden and Harris’s “socialist team” for fundamentally changing the United States, calling the election “a struggle against the soul of the United States” and “your choice is obvious.”. Like my parents, you can realize your American dream, and you can be a shining model in the world.