Do you want to cancel the travel reservation? Korea redefines the standard of liquidated damages

China News Network on November 12, according to South Korea Radio International, after the spread of the new crown epidemic, tourism, aviation, accommodation and other industries and customers due to the termination of the contract liquidated damages caused by the conflict. In this regard, the South Korean government has re formulated the consumer dispute settlement benchmark, specified the specific penalty standard for large-scale infectious disease outbreak, and it will be applied from the 13th. < / P > < p > with the emergence of related disputes, the Fair Trade Commission of Korea has launched a new benchmark, which stipulates that if the government can not use domestic tourism, aviation, accommodation and other services because of the third stage measures taken by the government to maintain social distance, consumers can terminate the contract without paying liquidated damages; when the government adopts the measures of maintaining social distance stage 2 or stage 2.5, consumers can cancel the contract If you want to terminate the contract, the penalty will be reduced by 50%. In terms of overseas tourism, consumers can cancel overseas travel contracts and flights without paying liquidated damages if the governments of various countries completely stop international flights and ships, or prohibit tourists from entering the country, or take isolation measures for tourists. < / P > < p > in the reservation of banquet facilities such as buffet, if the government wants to terminate the contract due to the government’s administrative order restricting the gathering of people, the penalty can be reduced by 40%.