Direct attack on the scene: the search and rescue work of Indonesia’s crashed airliner is in intense progress

On January 10, the atmosphere in tanjungbulu port, located in the Northern District of Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, was tense, with police cars and ambulances flashing by from time to time. The temporary search and rescue command center of Indonesia sanfoqi Airlines is located at the No.2 international container terminal of the port. < p > < p > at 14:36 local time on the 9th, a Boeing 737-500 with 62 people on board took off from Jakarta International Airport, lost contact with the ground four minutes later, and was found to have crashed in the waters of the thousand island islands area in Jakarta. After the incident, the Indonesian national search and Rescue Bureau, together with the Indonesian Ministry of transportation, Navy, air force and other departments, dispatched ships, helicopters and divers to participate in the search and rescue. After a day and night of searching, the relevant personnel have recovered some of the bodies of the victims and the wreckage of some airliners. Indonesian police said on the 10th that search and rescue personnel had recovered some bodies of the victims and transported them to the Indonesian National Police Hospital for autopsy. Police called on the families of the passengers of the plane to go to the Indonesian National Police Hospital as soon as possible to submit information and articles that can help identify the victims. < / P > < p > the reporter saw at the scene of the search and rescue command center that day that a number of police and military vehicles were parked at the container terminal, and rescue equipment and materials were stacked in the temporary tents. Dozens of military and police are maintaining order, and a large number of uniformed rescue workers are rushing back and forth. From time to time on the sea, there are rubber boats passing by, carrying black bags with salvage materials to the shore. On the ground, there are salvage objects that have just come out of the water. While checking, the staff take photos. < / P > < p > in the sea area where the accident happened, more than a dozen vessels involved in the salvage were working intensively, helicopters were hovering in the air, and divers were searching underwater. A staff member of the search and rescue command center said that the wreckage of the airliner, as well as the remains and remains of some of the victims, “no survivors are expected.”. < / P > < p > Indonesian Minister of transport Budi and commander-in-chief of Indonesian National Army Hadi held a press conference at the dock on the same day. Hardy said the search and rescue personnel have determined the location of the wreckage and black box of the plane, “this is a significant progress.”. The Indonesian military will work with the national search and rescue administration and other relevant departments to salvage the wreckage of the airliner from the 23 meter deep seabed. < / P > < p > the flight number of the plane was sj-182, with 50 passengers and 12 crew members on board, including 7 children and 3 infants. According to reports, the airliner had been delayed for half an hour due to heavy rain, and dropped about 3000 meters in a minute after taking off. Local fishermen heard two huge explosions from the sea at the time of the incident. < / P > < p > “this is Indonesia’s misfortune. I feel sad for the crash of flight sj-182.” A rescue worker from the search and rescue command center told reporters. On behalf of the Indonesian government and people, Indonesian President Joko expressed his condolence to the victims of the plane crash on October 10. He asked all parties concerned to use all resources and do their best to search for the people on the plane, and asked the National Traffic Safety Commission to investigate the cause of the crash and issue relevant reports as soon as possible.