Despite personnel exchanges in high-risk areas? Cement blocks roads in Italian towns

China News Network on November 9, according to the European Network quoted the European Union News Agency, Italy’s high-risk areas of the red epidemic, Lombardy, piedmont and other regions have implemented blockade measures. Although the police have adopted severe punishment policies, a large number of residents still go to the suburbs for holidays or visit relatives and friends in non blockaded areas. In order to strictly control the flow of people from high-risk areas of the epidemic, a small town in Italy was forced to block roads with cement piers. It is reported that Ottone city in chenca Province, Italy, is adjacent to Lombardy and Piedmont Regions with high risk of red epidemic. After the implementation of the new epidemic prevention law, some foreigners still visit the city to visit their relatives and friends, and some people working in high-risk areas of the epidemic return to their hometown to live. In desperation, mayor of Otone, besia, ordered that the road into the town be blocked with concrete piers. Besia said that the neighboring Lombardy and Piedmont Regions, where many residents own second homes in the town, often come to live in their leisure time. He also said that the proportion of elderly people in Otone is relatively high, and the lessons from the beginning of the outbreak are still fresh in my mind. The municipal government should not make mistakes and underestimate the risk, and must strengthen the health and safety protection for the elderly. It is emphasized that the economic loss of visitors to the alpine mountains will be blocked by the blockade of alpine forests. However, the life safety of residents is far more important than their economic income. When the blockade of the surrounding areas is lifted, Ottone will lift the blockade on the road at the same time. < p > < p > on November 8, the Italian Ministry of the interior reported that in the past day, the police had carried out tens of thousands of checkpoints and patrol epidemic prevention law enforcement inspections in the past day. A total of 994 people were fined for violating the epidemic prevention regulations, and 110 newly diagnosed patients violated the isolation regulations and were submitted to the public prosecution by the police. Of the 11654 enterprises inspected, 139 were fined and 52 were ordered to close down.