December 9, a minute to read the world’s military information

As an alternative to abandoning the land-based aegis missile defense system, Japan will build two new aegis warships, Defense Minister Shinzo Kishi said on the 9th. After the addition of two aegis ships, the number of aegis ships operated by Japan’s Maritime Self Defense Force will increase to 10, making it the largest force with Aegis ships except the U.S. Navy. France’s next-generation aircraft carrier will use nuclear power, which will be built in 2025 and put into use in 2038 to replace the current nuclear powered aircraft carrier “Charles de Gaulle,” French President Marcon said on the 8th. The last defense minister of the Soviet Union, yevgeni Shaposhnikov, died in Moscow at the age of 78 after being infected with the new coronavirus, Russian media reported on the 8th.