Dayun new energy Yuanzhi M1 yuanlue S1 model

Recently, we learned from the official of Dayun new energy that Yuanzhi M1 and yuanlue S1 were officially offline. It is understood that Dayun automobile has carried out careful product layout in new energy passenger vehicles, and is determined to boost the development of new energy vehicles. In addition to the two models off the production line this time, the following five models of Dayun are also under intensive research and development. The length, width and height of Yuanzhi M1 are 4850 / 1860 / 1780 mm and 2880 mm respectively. The front face of the new car is decorated with closed grille and Silver Chrome Plated decorative strip, which is quite fashionable. The side of the new car tends to be dynamic, and a deep waistline runs through the body, creating a three-dimensional body shape. The new car also adopts suspended roof design to cater to the aesthetic of the times. The new car is equipped with a motor with a maximum power of 145kw (197hp), peak torque of 320nm, battery capacity of 73.7kwh and driving range of 405km. The length, width and height of Dayun yuanlue S1 are 3695 / 1685 / 1595mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 241mm. The new car also uses a closed grille, long and narrow front lights with large fog lamp area, giving people a sense of vision of crossover vehicles. In terms of power, the new car adopts the front and rear dual motor system, providing two drive and four drive options. It is reported that the maximum power of the new car is 68kW (92hp), and the driving range of NEDC is close to 300km.