Data: in the past two weeks, one person worldwide died of infection every 15 seconds

August 6th comprehensive report novel coronavirus pneumonia, according to the latest statistics of Johns Hopkins University, Beijing, as of 7:35 on 6 July, the global total of confirmed new crown pneumonia more than 18 million 710 thousand cases, the cumulative death rate exceeds 704 thousand cases. In the past two weeks, an average of one person died of infection with the new coronavirus every 15 seconds in the past two weeks; Florida became the second state in the United States to have more than 500000 confirmed cases after California; and many countries have strengthened anti epidemic measures again, according to statistics released by Reuters on the 5th. According to the latest statistics of Johns Hopkins University, there are more than 4.81 million confirmed cases and more than 157 000 deaths in the United States. Florida became the state with more than 500000 confirmed cases after California on Friday. < / P > < p > a recent US joint poll shows that about two-thirds of Americans think that the United States is not as good at coping with the new epidemic as other countries. More than 80% of Americans support government funding for free testing and expanding the scale of testing; 75% support state legislation to force people to wear masks in public places. Fudge, the chief infectious disease expert in the United States, revealed that he and his family had received “death threats” and even had to ask for security guards. Because people don’t like what he said about the new outbreak. He has been repeatedly criticized by trump. < p > < p > as countries began to restart the pace, the epidemic situation also showed a rebound trend. According to the statistics of the past two weeks, nearly 5900 people die of the new coronavirus every 24 hours, equivalent to 247 people per hour, and one person dies of infection every 15 seconds, Reuters reported on the 5th. < p > < p > by noon local time on the 5th, 739 new cases of new crowns were confirmed in Australia in the past 24 hours, which was only lower than the highest single day increase of 747 cases reported on July 30. At the same time, there were 15 new deaths in the new crown, which reached a new high in a single day.

Spain announced 5 novel coronavirus pneumonia cases on 1772 February, and the new record of the June national epidemic prevention blockade was lifted. The number of new cases per day in Nepal has not decreased significantly recently. The Ministry of the interior issued a notice on the evening of May 5 to re implement the policy of single and even number restrictions on motor vehicles in areas with more than 200 cases of new crown active cases from June 6. Recently, the official website of the British government announced that millions of new coronavirus tests would be completed before winter. To achieve this goal, two new coronavirus detection methods have been introduced in the UK. In addition to getting new coronavirus test results within 90 minutes, they can also detect whether people are infected with influenza and other winter epidemics. < / P > < p > the United States is hoarding vaccines and drugs in an attempt to fight the epidemic. The U.S. government will pay Johnson & Johnson more than $1 billion to buy 100 million doses of potential new coronavirus vaccine. This is the first time J & J has provided R & D vaccine to a national government. They are negotiating with the European Union, but have not reached an agreement.

novel coronavirus pneumonia vaccine will be tested in Kazakhstan in September. The novel coronavirus pneumonia trial was divided into two phases, and the 44 new patients with pneumonia were the most concentrated in Almaty. A ready-made panacea novel coronavirus pneumonia is a new panacea for the new crown pneumonia, but

has been developing vaccines or seeking treatment drugs, but WHO has previously said that there is no panacea for new crown pneumonia. Preventing outbreaks still depends on basic public health and disease control measures.