Cyprus and other four countries hold exercises in the eastern Mediterranean

Nicosia said in a press release on December 7 that Cyprus, France, Greece and Italy held exercises in the waters near Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean Sea on December 6. < / P > < p > the communique said that the Cyprus frigate “joannides” and an aw-139 helicopter, the French frigate “aknit” and the shipborne “Panther” helicopter, the Italian aircraft carrier “Garibaldi” and the Greek frigate “Hydra” participated in the exercise. < p > < p > the communique said that the exercise was coordinated by the general staff of the National Guard of Cyprus and was carried out under the framework of the “Quartet initiative”, aiming to strengthen the “interoperability” among cooperating countries. < / P > < p > previously, five countries including Cyprus, Egypt, Greece, France and the United Arab Emirates held a week-long joint naval and air force exercise code named “Medusa 10” in the Mediterranean Sea off Egypt.