Cuba to launch “negative list” of private economy

Havana February 9 the Cuban government announced on February 9 that it will establish a “negative list” of the private economy and greatly relax its business scope. < / P > < p > Marta feto, Cuba’s minister of labor and social security, said in a live radio and television program on the same day that the “positive list” previously established by the Cuban government, including 127 Private economic activities, has been abolished, and now the “negative list” of the private economy will be established with reference to the “classification of national economic activities” published by the National Bureau of statistics. After the adjustment, private economy practitioners will be allowed to engage in more than 2000 activities. < p > < p > Alejandro hill, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of economic planning of Cuba, said in the program that in recent years, the private economy has developed rapidly in Cuba. At present, there are more than 600000 private economic workers in Cuba, accounting for 13% of the national labor force. According to hill, the abolition of the “positive list” and the establishment of the “negative list” are major reforms in the private sector, and the government will publish detailed plans after adjusting relevant laws and regulations. In addition, the government will continue to introduce other policies to promote the development of the private economy. < / P > < p > Cuba has gradually liberalized its private economy since 2010. Last October, for the first time, Cuba allowed private economic practitioners to participate in import and export trade activities.