Croatian prime minister begins self isolation due to his wife infected with new coronavirus

Zagreb, November 28, the Croatian government released a message on the evening of 28, saying that since Prime Minister prenkovic’s wife was confirmed to be infected with new coronavirus on the same day, prenkovic has started a 10 day self isolation. According to the news, prenkovic’s wife was tested for new coronavirus due to low fever on the 28th, and the result was positive. Prinkovitch himself was also tested negative. Prinkovitch will comply with the epidemic prevention regulations and start a 10 day home quarantine during which he will handle official duties at home. According to the data released by the Croatian Institute of public health on the 28th, 3987 new cases were confirmed in the country in the past 24 hours, with a total of 123693 cases confirmed; 55 new deaths and 1655 deaths.