“Court war” became a hot spot in Malaysia’s political arena in August

China News Agency, Kuala Lumpur, August 7, August 7, many political figures in the Malaysian government and the public are facing legal attack and defense. On June 28, Najib, the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, was sentenced in the Kuala Lumpur high court in the international case concerning Src. The judge convicted him of all seven charges and sentenced him to 12 years’ imprisonment and a fine of rm210 million. The picture shows Najib holding a meeting after sentencing, announcing that he will appeal. Photo by Chen Yue of China News Agency / < / P > < p > on July 28, the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Najib, was sentenced to 12 years’ imprisonment and a fine of ringgit 210 million in the Kuala Lumpur high court, where he was convicted of all seven charges. The picture shows Najib holding a meeting after sentencing, announcing that he will appeal. China News Agency Chen Yue < / P > < p > after Lin Guanying, Secretary General of Malaysia’s Democratic Action Party, was arrested on the evening of June 6, former Prime Minister and his political opponent Najib, who was on trial for corruption charges, made an article on social media mocking that the two would “meet frequently in court.”. In fact, for all political forces in Malaysia, this August may not lack the opportunity of “meeting in court” or even confrontation. In the opposition camp, the Democratic Action Party (DAP), which belongs to the hope alliance, has the largest number of seats in the Malaysian Parliament. Lin Guanying, a former Malaysian finance minister and chief minister of Penang state, was charged by the Anti Corruption Commission on July 7 for accepting bribes in the bidding of Penang subsea tunnel project. According to Malaysian media reports, the Anti-Corruption Commission will also make other charges against Lin Guanying. Lin Guanying denied the charges. The DAP also referred to this as “political persecution” for the first time. At present, Lin Guanying is temporarily insured with 1 million ringgit. Lin Guanying has been in charge of the Democratic Action Party (DAP) for 16 years. Penang Prefecture, where the case occurred, has been in power since 2008. The development of this case will undoubtedly affect the future direction of the Democratic Action Party and the Greek League. The former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir, who is currently in the opposition camp, was also defeated in the legal battle on July 7. With the court accepting the request of the current prime minister and chairman of the indigenous Unity Party, muhidin, to terminate the relevant litigation, Mahathir’s attempt to restore the membership and position of the party through legal means failed. < / P > < p > the indigenous Unity Party is a political party founded by Mahathir and muhidin after he withdrew from the Malay national unity institution in 2016. The party came to power as a member of the hope coalition in the 2018 general election. In February this year, the Tuan party withdrew from the Greek League, and muhidin joined hands with UMNO and the Islamic Party to form a National League government. Mahathir has always opposed the joint efforts of muhidin and UMNO. Muhidin withdrew Mahathir and several of his supporters in May. After the failure of the lawsuit, Mahathir was officially “expelled” from the Tuan party founded by himself. Mahathir immediately announced the establishment of a new political party on the afternoon of July 7. For the opposition forces, there is also an important legal attack and Defense this month – an application for judicial review on the legality of the decision to dissolve parliament and hold state elections in Sabah Prefecture. At present, Sabah state is in power of Sabah national rejuvenation party, which is pro Greek League. At the end of last month, the opposition party of Sabah state announced that it had obtained the support of more than half of the members of Parliament and demanded “change of the weather”. After obtaining the consent of the head of state, Changsha Feiyi, head of Sabah, dissolved the State Council and prepared for the state election. After hearing the application for judicial review by members of the opposition party on the 7th, the presiding judge decided that the case would be decided on the 17th of this month. The ruling will also affect the political situation of Sabah and even Malaysia. Among all the parties in the ruling coalition, the most serious attack and Defense this month is still the case of Najib, former Prime Minister and former chairman of UMNO, involved in “a Malaysian development company”. On July 28, Kuala Lumpur High Court delivered a judgment on Najib’s involvement in SRC, a former subsidiary of Yima company. Najib was sentenced to 12 years’ imprisonment and a fine of rm210 million. Najib has appealed the verdict. In addition to the SRC international case, Najib is also involved in the Yima company case and the Yima company audit report tampering case. Kuala Lumpur high court was originally scheduled to make a judgment on Najib’s application to cancel the tampering case of Yima company’s inspection report on 7 July. But on the 7th, the judge announced that he would choose another date for judgment. Najib also continues to face trial in the ima case this month. Due to the fact that most of the people involved in the case are “big names” of political parties recently, there are a large number of supportive masses gathered to support each court session. The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic threat has become another hot topic in Malaysia. < p > < p > China’s focus is face-to-face: “Chang’e exploration of the moon”, the most difficult space mission in history. 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