Construction of military supply network system through military civilian interaction

In early winter, a military supply support drill started in a certain region in Southwest China. Leaders from veterans affairs departments and military supply stations of seven provinces, autonomous regions and cities in Western China watched the whole drill on the spot. At the end of the exercise, at the seminar on the development of military supply and support work in the Western Theater, the representatives of the military and the local government discussed the communication and coordination, support content, hardware construction and other issues exposed in the exercise, so as to make suggestions and suggestions for the construction of an efficient, interconnected and rich military supply network system. < / P > < p > in recent years, with the development of military and civilian reform, great changes have taken place in the establishment system of local military supply stations and military transport delivery agencies. The original military supply support mode has some problems, such as poor communication between the military and civilian, slow response, single support content and so on. To this end, a dispatching center in the western war zone organized its military representative office to discuss with veterans affairs departments and military supply stations, and issued the “cooperation mechanism of military supply support in seven provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in the western region” to coordinate the work of business specification, infrastructure construction, operation management, assessment and evaluation, so as to break the barriers between the military and the local governments and between the administrative regions and realize the efficient linkage of the military and the local governments . < p > < p > in view of the fact that the means of transportation and delivery in the western region are gradually diversified, the military and civilian sides have issued the overall plan of military supply support in the western region under the new cooperation framework. Through the construction of new military supply stations and improvement of hardware facilities, they promoted the transformation of military supply support from single catering service to “catering, accommodation and medical” comprehensive service, from single railway delivery support to “railway, public, water and air” comprehensive support, from fixed-point supply to regional mechanical supply, from small batch conventional supply to large batch multi-point simultaneous supply It provides all-round logistics support services for the army.