Configuration upgrade 2021 wey vv5 will be launched on September 20

Recently, we learned from official channels that 2021 wey vv5 will be on the market on September 20, and the orange version of the car will be launched in October, and the four-wheel drive model will be added in the year. It is learned that the replacement model of vv5 will be released next year. < / P > < p > because the car is an annual change model, the design of the new car will not be changed much, only some configuration will be adjusted. The overall appearance of the new car will inherit the existing design, and the body adopts the design of long front suspension and short rear suspension, so that the rear shape is compact, the streamlined roof and the rising waistline at the rear create a forward diving posture. < / P > < p > in terms of body color, at present, the new cars are available in five colors: dazzle black, Mars red, Schwarz blue, snow white and Ayers grey. In October, the new car will be added with orange coating version. < / P > < p > Interior, wey The interior of vv5 is available in black, brown, red and other colors. The encircling center console is simple in design and slightly tilted to the driver’s side. The instrument panel and rear-view mirror in the car are all equipped with liquid crystal display. The size of the full LCD instrument panel is 12.3 inches. The two sides of the screen display the vehicle speed meter and tachometer, and the middle part can display the driving computer, navigation, multimedia and driver assistance Function and other information. In terms of power, the 1.5T version of wey vv5 has a maximum power of 126kw and a peak torque of 287nm; the 2.0T version has a maximum power of 167kw and a peak torque of 387nm. In terms of transmission, the 7-speed wet dual clutch transmission is matched, and we will continue to pay attention to more information.