Comprehensive news: the new epidemic situation in Asia and Europe is deteriorating rapidly

On October 28, Tashkent’s comprehensive reporter in Asia and Europe reported that the new epidemic situation in Russia, Ukraine, Georgia and Armenian had rapidly deteriorated. In order to prevent and control the spread of the epidemic, Russia has forced people to wear masks in public places and crowds since 28th. According to the Russian epidemic prevention headquarters on the 28th, 16202 new cases were confirmed in Russia in the past day, with a total of 1563976 cases, 26935 deaths and 1171301 cases cured. In order to contain the epidemic, Russian people must wear masks in public places and crowded places from that day on. According to the Ministry of health of Ukraine on the 28th, 7474 new cases of new crown were confirmed in Ukraine in the past day, 363075 cases were confirmed, 6755 cases died and 148642 cases were cured. Uzbekistan will consider restarting strict quarantine measures if the country’s newly diagnosed cases exceed 15000 a day, Vice Minister of health Li shiko said on the 27th. < / P > < p > in Transcaucasia, the National Center for Disease Control and prevention of Armenian reported 2241 new confirmed cases on the 28th, with a total of 82651 cases, 1243 deaths and 52508 cases cured. According to the novel coronavirus pneumonia website released by Georgia government on 28, there were 1731 newly diagnosed cases, 33858 cases totaled, 253 cases died, and 14829 cases were cured. In Central Asia, as of 28 days, there were 110832 confirmed cases, 1830 deaths and 105883 cured cases in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan’s inter departmental Committee on epidemic prevention and control decided on the 26th that primary and secondary schools with no more than 300 students could resume teaching in the second semester of the 2020-2021 academic year, and the theater could be opened from November 2, but the attendance rate should not exceed 30%, and the total number of students should not exceed 100. The above places must keep social distance, wear masks, measure body temperature and strengthen disinfection. At the meeting of the inter departmental Committee on epidemic prevention and control, Kazakh Prime Minister Ma Ming instructed local governments to inspect shopping and entertainment places before the end of this week, and punish people and enterprises that violate epidemic prevention regulations.

Kyrgyzstan novel coronavirus pneumonia control command 28 said that the country has confirmed 538 cases in the past day, accumulative total of 57276 cases, 1138 cases of cumulative death, and 48637 cases of cumulative cure. < / P > < p > some Central Asian countries updated the new crown epidemic data on 28th: there were 66037 confirmed cases in Uzbekistan, 557 deaths and 63165 cured cases; 10860 confirmed cases, 81 deaths and 10009 cured cases in Tajikistan.