Comprehensive news: Russia’s new crown vaccine starts phase 3 clinical trial, and many countries in Central Asia are looking forward to getting the vaccine

Moscow, Aug. 12, comprehensive report in Asia and Europe: Russia’s first national registered new coronal vaccine started phase 3 clinical trials on Aug. 12; Central Asian countries Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are doing research and preparation for obtaining new coronal vaccine from overseas; Transcaucasia countries Asia and the United States are moderately relaxing the control of epidemic prevention while extending the national emergency state of epidemic prevention. < / P > < p > according to the Russian epidemic prevention headquarters on the 12th, in the past 24 hours, 5102 cases were newly diagnosed in Russia, with a total of 902701 cases; 689 cases were newly diagnosed in Moscow, with a total of 249611 cases; 129 cases were newly dead, with a total of 15260 cases; 7123 cases were newly cured, with a total of 710298 cases cured. < / P > < p > the Ministry of health of Russia registered a new coronal vaccine developed by Russia for the first time on November 11. Jinzburg, director of the National Research Center for epidemiology and microbiology of gamaliya, said on the 12th that the vaccine has been named “satellite V”, and its phase 3 trial started on the 12th and will last for about five months. “Satellite V” is a liquid vaccine given by intramuscular injection, which needs to be injected twice, with an interval of three weeks, according to the website “contain new coronavirus” sponsored by the Russian government on the 12th. Experimental data show that the vaccine is expected to make vaccinators immune to the new coronavirus for two years. < / P > < p > Russian health minister murashko said on the 12th that scientific researchers are developing a mobile application to enable people vaccinated with the new coronal vaccine to send their somatosensory changes information to an information system for monitoring the new coronal vaccine in Russia for centralized and comprehensive analysis. Russia’s Ministry of health also suggested on the 12th that 80% to 85% of medical staff in Russia should be vaccinated during the flu season starting this autumn. Russian experts say that if a person is infected with both the new coronavirus and the influenza virus, it will be very dangerous. In Ukraine, 1433 cases were newly diagnosed, with a total of 84548 cases; 19 cases died, with a total of 1970 cases; 752 cases were newly cured, with a total of 45686 cases cured. The number of asymptomatic infections in Lvov state, the country’s worst hit area, has increased significantly recently, and researchers are looking into whether the phenomenon is related to the local mutation of the new coronavirus, the Ukrainian State News Agency reported Tuesday. < / P > < p > in Central Asia, as of December 12, Kazakhstan had 100 855 confirmed cases and 1269 deaths. President Tokayev said on the 12th that Kazakhstan will send a government delegation to Moscow in mid and late August to discuss the procurement of new vaccines. There were 670 newly diagnosed cases in Uzbekistan on December 12, with a total of 32215 confirmed cases and 208 deaths. President mirziyoev said on the 11th that under the premise of protecting people’s health and life, Ukraine will gradually relax the quarantine control. The national special committee for epidemic prevention and control of Ukraine said on the 11th that it was conducting research on the use of new crown vaccine made in Russia and other countries. There were 304 newly diagnosed cases in Kyrgyzstan on December 12, with a total of 40759 confirmed cases; there were 6 new deaths, with a total of 1484 deaths. Covid-19 health ministry data show that since the outbreak of the new crown in March, nearly 3000 medical staff have been infected, of whom 73 died. Covid-19, President Genbe Kopf proposed to build a park on 11 July to commemorate the medical staff and volunteers who contributed to the new crown disease. < / P > < p > in the Transcaucasia, 14 cases were newly diagnosed in Georgia on the 12th, with a total of 1278 cases and 17 deaths; 201 cases were newly diagnosed in Armenia on the same day, with a total of 40794 cases and 806 deaths. The Armenian cabinet meeting approved the extension of the national epidemic prevention emergency from March 16 to September 11, and relaxed some control measures. On the 12th, justice minister luctam bardsian announced that the ban on the entry of foreign citizens will be lifted, but foreigners must be self isolated for 14 days; people will be allowed to gather for activities on the premise of abiding by the health and epidemic prevention system; and the implementation of special epidemic prevention measures for import and export goods passing through the customs will be stopped.