Comprehensive news: global hot discussion on Chang Wu’s return home

China’s chang’e-5 lunar exploration project is a complete success after the chang’e-5 lander landed safely with lunar samples in the early hours of Beijing time on December 17. The space agencies, experts and media of Europe, the United States and Japan have paid close attention to this and positively evaluated the scientific significance of the chang’e-5 mission. < / P > < p > the European Space Agency’s control center in Darmstadt, Germany, repeatedly “tracked” chang’e-5’s “home” journey on social media twitter on the 16th local time: “we have received the signal from chang’e-5!” “For the return of chang’e-5, ESA is coordinating the tracking station network and Maspalomas ground station to provide tracking services to China’s national space agency.” “As expected, the spacecraft is no longer visible at the stations, and our participation in this exciting mission has been completed. It is expected to land soon. Blessing Chang’e! We are looking forward to welcoming you back. ” “China National Space Administration has found chang’e-5!” < / P > < p > in an article published on the 16th local time, the New York Times pointed out that China has been pushing forward its long-term space exploration program. The chang’e-5 mission was successfully launched last month, and soon completed the sampling and return from the lunar surface. The whole process is satisfactory. Japan’s Kyodo News Agency reported on the 17th that China has become the third country after the United States and the Soviet Union to collect lunar soil, which is also the third time that human beings have successfully collected lunar soil after 44 years. China is accumulating technology and experience towards the goal of becoming a space power. According to an article published by German news agency on the 16th local time, researchers are full of expectations for the lunar samples brought back by chang’e-5, and relevant research can provide new clues for understanding the volcanic activity and history of the moon. Germany’s Frankfurter daily also reported that it is certain that these samples will bring new knowledge about the moon. < / P > < p > Bradley jolif, Professor of earth and Planetary Science at Washington University, said that chang’e-5 brought the “treasure” of the moon back to earth. The landing site of chang’e-5 on the lunar surface is of great scientific significance. The samples collected and brought back to earth are the youngest volcanic surface samples on the moon. The lunar samples collected by chang’e-5 can fill the relevant gaps and provide key information for lunar chronology research. According to Clive Neal, an earth scientist at Notre Dame University in the United States, the samples brought back by chang’e-5 represent a completely different historical era of the moon, which will undoubtedly help mankind better understand the development and evolution of the moon.