Colombia’s total number of newly diagnosed cases exceeds 2 million


Bogota new Columbia National Institutes of health released 23 new crown disease data in January 23rd. 15551 new confirmed cases were diagnosed in the country, totaling more than 2 million cases, reaching 2002969 cases, 396 new deaths and 50982 deaths. < / P > < p > Minister of health and social security Ruiz of Colombia said on the same day that the convalescent patients of new crown have certain immunity to the virus, and their priority will be lowered when they are vaccinated. According to the national vaccination plan previously announced by the Ministry of health and social security, the country’s vaccination work is scheduled to officially start in February, with priority given to medical staff, people over 60 years old, patients with basic diseases and primary and secondary school teachers. Since December last year, the epidemic situation in Colombia has rebounded significantly. Bogota is currently in a state of red alert. The city has implemented curfew on working days for several consecutive weeks. On weekends, the whole people are isolated at home, and the flow of unnecessary personnel is prohibited. Some commercial activities are suspended. In addition, many places in Colombia have resumed the implementation of curfew, alcohol ban, travel restrictions according to the tail number of identity documents and other epidemic prevention measures.