Coalition forces intercept and destroy Yemeni husai drones

Riyadh, August 6, according to the Saudi Arabian news agency reported on the 6th that the Saudi led multinational forces intercepted and destroyed a drone carrying explosives released to Saudi Arabia by Yemeni husai forces. According to the report, multinational coalition spokesman Turki was quoted as saying that the hussei armed forces continue to launch missiles, release drones carrying explosives and send unmanned ships from hetida province of Yemen, which is a real threat to regional and international security and undermines the political efforts to promote the success of the Stockholm agreement. According to international humanitarian law, the multinational coalition forces will continue to take appropriate measures to combat the hostility and behavior of the Hussein armed forces. Since the end of May this year, the multinational coalition forces have intercepted and shot down the ballistic missiles and UAVs launched by hussei. On July 1, the multinational coalition forces announced a military operation against the military targets of the Yemeni husai armed forces, aimed at destroying their long-range combat capabilities. < p > < p > in September 2014, hussei armed forces seized Sana’a, the capital of Yemen, and then occupied Southern Yemen. In March 2015, Saudi Arabia and other countries launched a military operation code named “decisive storm” against husai armed forces. In December 2018, with the good offices of the United Nations, representatives of the Yemeni government and the husai armed forces reached an agreement in Stockholm, Sweden, on important issues such as the hoyda cease-fire and the exchange of prisoners of war. However, soon after, the two sides accused each other of breaking the cease-fire agreement.