Close the United States to prevent a new crown? Biden: I’ll do it if the scientists suggest it

On August 21 local time, US presidential candidate Joe Biden and his assistant Harris were interviewed by US radio and television news. When asked by a reporter whether he would close the United States again to control the spread of the new coronavirus after he was elected president of the United States, Biden said, “I will close the United States and I will listen to the opinions of scientists.”. Biden said he would save lives at all costs after he was elected president, and said the fundamental defect of the trump administration was that it did not realize that the United States could not move forward until the virus was under control. “In order to ensure the operation and development of the country, in order to maintain economic growth and employment, you have to control the virus and deal with it.” The host then asked, “so you mean to shut down the United States?” Biden said he would listen to scientists and close the United States.