Climbing foot in autumn and winter to prevent cold and dampness

Frost is the turning point of autumn and winter climate. The key to health preservation is to keep away from the cold outside, clear the heat inside and avoid the cold and wet arthralgia. There are 24 Qi guiding sit skill therapy in the health preserving treasure “the sage warranty general book”. Among them, “sitting skill in September of frost” is suitable for cold prevention in this season. As far as the training time is concerned, 15 days after frost Festival is the best date for this guidance practice; any date and hour you like to practice is also the best date and time of this guidance exercise. The specific methods are divided into five steps: 1. sit flat in the body, extend the legs straight, and press the hands on the knees naturally. The spine contains chest, breathing evenly, quiet thinking and relaxing. 2. extend the two arms to the left and right, and rotate the arms inside at the same time, with the small finger on the top and the palm back. 3. connect the upper type, lean forward, and “climb” the feet with both hands holding the two feet respectively. 4. connect the upper type, hold the first and second toes of the two feet with both hands and pull them inward. The toes of the feet shall be hooked as far as possible to make the rear of the legs extend the maximum; meanwhile, raise and extend the waist. When the front and upper parts are visually viewed, the movement will stop slightly when the maximum range is reached. 5. connect the type, restore the head and neck, and try to push forward and close to both legs. Meanwhile, the two hands are restored to the position of holding both feet. The toes of the feet shall be extended forward as far as possible, and the back of the feet shall be stretched straight. When the movement reaches the maximum range, it will stop slightly. Repeat the above 4 and 5 actions and repeat 7 times.