Chinese students in Ontario, Canada launched online attacks on racial discrimination

China News website, August 25, according to the US “world daily”, a few days ago, in Ontario, Canada, a Chinese student, Miss Zou, disclosed her experience of racial discrimination through the Internet. She said there was blatant racial discrimination among students and there was a lack of fair and diverse training in the Department. < p > < p > according to relevant reports, in recent months, many anonymous social media accounts have sprung up in Ontario, Canada, about racist incidents in many universities. Universities, including Queen’s University and York University in Toronto, have been attacked. Ms. Zou, a Chinese Singaporean student studying at Smith business school at Queen’s University, said she had witnessed many incidents of racial discrimination, so she created a platform for students to express themselves. Currently, Ms. Zou’s social media account has more than 12000 fans. On the account, students from different schools share more than 300 stories about barriers to employment opportunities, social exclusion due to students’ background, and discrimination by teachers. MS Zou said that in dealing with discrimination within the school, Smith business school did not respond to students’ demands. Students can’t change the obstacles in the system, only schools can, because they have the ability. An African American student at Queen’s University said she first encountered racial discrimination at school on the second day of orientation week in autumn 2019. The 19-year-old said a student leader used “n-word” to a room full of students in a song. < / P > < p > “it’s disappointing and unsafe to witness this. It’s just the first time. There are many more. These experiences show that racism is common here. ” The student said, “for me personally, it’s exhausting to be a woman with obvious brown skin at this school. In addition, I am also a student from a low-income family, and this feeling of fatigue is even stronger. I have to fight for my needs consistently. ” Brenda Brouwer, interim Dean of Smith business school, said the school was working hard to solve the problems raised by students. She called the incident described by the students “totally unacceptable and deeply disturbing” and said it was a clear violation of the school’s code of conduct. < / P > < p > “improving diversity and inclusiveness is a top priority. Although progress has been made, we know that much remains to be done and we will continue to actively foster a culture of tolerance, dignity and mutual respect. ” Brouwer said. ABA Mortley, CO chair of Queen’s University’s anti racial discrimination and equity Commission, said she was a bridge between teachers and students to promote discussion on campus and in the Kingston community. “There is no denying that these problems are clear and there is no one who can say that racism did not happen when it is made public.” Mortley said. With the recent “black life is important” campaign in full swing, schools now have better conditions to solve these problems, she said. “When these incidents come to light, they force schools to take action.” Mortley said. Sara Reza, a student at York University’s shulick School of business, says discrimination and racism also exist on her campus. She has also created a social media account that, like MS Zou’s, highlights the racial experiences of York business school students. < / P > < p > “business rarely incorporates diversity and inclusion, which cannot address the long-standing inequality in our communities and around the world.” Reza says University business programs foster a “hostile environment” in which the topics of privilege, inequality and race are rarely raised in the classroom. < / P > < p > Detlev Zwick, interim Dean of sulick business school, said the school was aware of the concerns recently raised by students and graduates. He stressed that schulick does not tolerate or condone any form of discrimination and racism. As one of the most diversified business schools in North America, shulik has a long tradition of actively encouraging and supporting inclusiveness and diversity. < / P > < p > “clearly, we need to do more to ensure that more people are aware of the problems, especially racism, sexism and discrimination.” Zwick said. < / P > < p > Zwick also said the school is currently discussing several joint initiatives with other leading business schools in Ontario to address the barriers faced by ethnic minority students, especially high school students from low-income communities.