Chinese students African War epidemic: the moment we received the mask, we all cried

On August 13, Yinchuan, China News Agency, “at the moment of receiving the mask, many students cried, which were tears of excitement and peace of mind.” Luo Liping, a Chinese student in Sudan, told China News Agency in an interview that she was excited about the recent donation of medical masks from her hometown Ningxia. < / P > < p > LUO Liping studied at Sudan Africa International University. Novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak in Sultan, the Chinese Embassy in Sultan will be the first time to contact students who have not returned to China, to send you health packs containing masks, disinfectant, gloves and other anti epidemic materials. However, with the aggravation of the overseas epidemic, the cancellation of a large number of flights has led to a shortage of epidemic prevention materials, which worries the Chinese students who stay in Sudan. At a loss, 20000 disposable medical masks donated by Ningxia to Chinese students in Sudan arrived in Sudan in mid June. Not only Ningxia students, but also many students from all over China have received this precious gift. “If you carefully manage your travels, wild rice is like your hometown. I received the package from my hometown. Although I was far away from home, I felt that my motherland was by my side. ” Luo Liping said.